A taste of Chilean beer at the brewery

Between the lush trees just across Río Valdivia is home of the Kunstmann brewery, a popular Chilean beer. After the 1960 earthquake destroyed Valdivia‘s main brewery, a German-Chilean family started brewing beer for their own consumption. Now, their recipes are some of the most popular in the country.

Our tasting session included 10 cervezas from lagers to ales to an even darker bock. I hear they are sold in the U.S. so if you care to give one a try, here’s my Top 3. Salud!

#3: Lager Sin Filtrar
grade: 5.8 %
my take: Light with a fresh and slightly fruity tinge. Flavorful, but not hoppy like most of the others.

#2: Bock
grade: 5.3 %
my take: Dark café with a smooth, caramel flavor (made with malta carmelo). I usually hate dark beers, but this one earns extra points for not only being drinkable but actually quite tasty.

#1: Miel
grade: 4.8 %
my take: Amber ale with a hint of honey. Although it’s sweet, it’s not overpowering but crisp and refreshing. This is probably one of my favorite beers on the map.

The bar

The tasting selection

Mmm. With the sweet Miel. Salud!