Countdown to Chile: Home Sweet Home

I leave for Santiago in 21 days!

I have almost sealed the deal on my downtown Santiago apartment, and couldn’t be more excited.

A little unexpected kink in the process is holding things up, but I’m taking this as an opportunity to remember there will be lots of unexpected, unplanned happenings in the next year and my Type A personality better get used to it.

I had picked out a place in Centro a few weeks ago, and was happy with the choice. It was a cute small two bedroom apartment with a balcony and nice furnishings. The other roommate was a 27-year-old secretary. But this morning, the company that set me up with the place emailed to tell me the upstairs apartment had a major leak that flooded where I had reserved to live.

I’m a little bummed, but it’s better that it happened before I was the one living there as that would be a way bigger bummer. The company is working to confirm one of two other options in relatively the same neighborhood that are even a little cheaper. I’ll find out the day after tomorrow which one I can get into, and I’d be happy in either of them.

I’m sure I’ll take a few pictures to post once I’m settled in a bit.