A Letter from Leo

Hi friends,

It’s me, Leo. Woof woof!

My mom is leaving soon, soon. There, I said it.

The truth is, I sniffed out the situation long ago.

It all started when my mommy let me sleep in her bed, a place that was once strictly off limits. I could tell Mommy was sad so I snuck in her bed to cheer her up. I thought she would only let me that once, but now she allows it all the time. She doesn’t even pretend to get mad at me anymore.


Morning cuddles with mommy!

Morning cuddles with mommy!

At first, I was really excited that Mommy was letting me do whatever I want. But when I bragged about it to my dog friends, they warned me that something was up.

Then Mom introduced me to a new toubab family and I was really suspicious. They started puppysitting me every time my mom went out of town (as if I need puppysitting … psh…all those times I fended for myself!).

Finally, I put it together. These toubabs weren’t just new friends, they are my new family.

I am really sad now that I know my mommy is going back to America soon. When she gets in a car, I never know if she’s leaving forever. I wail and wail hysterically, and once I even managed to jump in the car with her.

But then Mom told me that I won’t like America because dogs there can’t just run all over the village whenever they please. American dogs have to stay in the house alone all day and then sometimes their humans drag them outside by a rope around their neck. What?! This really confused me because everyone here asks my mommy to take them to America, but I want no part in it. No sir-ee, I’m not going anywhere!

So, back to my new family. They are fantastic! There are three kids who love to pet my belly and take me on bike rides. The new Mommy always gives me treats and the Daddy once saved me in a fight.

Zach, Rula and Gabe with me

Zach, Rula and Gabe with me

They also have many baby cats who try to hiss at me, but I always remind them who is boss. They have another puppy too, and we’re already great friends.

Me, "Pup-tastic" and Rula

Me, “Pup-tastic” and Rula

My mom said my new family are American like her. They are missionaries who think they are going to live in The Gambia forever, which my mom said is a little crazy but that it’s okay because they are nice people who really love me. Plus, I am going to live in The Gambia forever, too, and I don’t think that’s the least bit crazy!

Anyway, that’s what’s up. It’s been nice knowin’ ya. Take care of my mommy for me.

I’m out!

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