A Letter from Leo

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Hi friends,

It’s me, Leo. Woof woof!

If my mom didn’t know the cliché “to follow you around like a little puppy dog” before, she sure knows it now! I love my mommy so much that I just hate it when we are apart, so I follow her EVERYWHERE.

When she travels to the city, I follow her to the road and try to get on the bus with her, but the driver always says “no” even if I cry. So then I have to go home all alone, and I guard her house until she comes back. When mommy comes home, it is like Christmas. I jump on her and wail with excitement.

But it’s not just long trips when I miss my mom. I honestly don’t even like it when she leaves for only a minute.

So now that I’m all grown up (I’m one….which is like seven in dog years!), I also follow my mommy to school. I don’t disturb anyone; I just like to sit in the class with the students. The boys and girls all know my name now and they are nice to me. Sometimes during break time, they even share their lunch with me which is my favorite part about going to school.

One time, mommy and her friends had a special school program in another village about 15 kilometers away. I had gone to the program here in Sibanor the day before, so I wanted to go again. Mommy and her human friends were riding their bikes there, so I had to run as fast as I could to keep up. I followed them at full speed for almost 4 kilometers and I got so tired I could barely breathe. My tongue flopped out of my mouth, but I just kept running anyway. Eventually, mommy had to turn back and take me home because she said I’m too little to go so far. She said I was in trouble because she almost missed the program.

The whole situation was very confusing. So here’s my question: Isn’t your mom supposed to be happy when you like going to school?