From the Kitchen: Hut Cakes

This edition of “From the Kitchen” comes from my hut. I usually eat lunch with my host family, but cook my own breakfast and dinner. Ingredients are limited here, so you have to get pretty creative.

I struggled with this quite a bit for the first half of my service. I felt like my only options were to eat massive amounts of carbs or to starve. My friend and fellow PCV, Meghan, came to the rescue and taught me healthy alternatives to cook at site, which have literally changed my life (and thankfully, my waistline). So, I in no way take credit for this recipe but thought I’d share it anyway since it is one you can easily enjoy at home. Dubbed “hut cakes,” this simple crabcake-esque meal has become a hit in the volunteer community.

Mix a packet of tuna with one egg.

Add a tablespoon or so of bread crumbs. Use ground flaxseed as a no-flour alternative.

Add any desired seasonings. (peanut butter for Asian, taco seasoning, onions and lemon juice, etc.)

This tuna is "sweet and spicy," so it's a little red in color.

This tuna is “sweet and spicy,” so it’s a little red in color.

Form two patties.

Cook for a few minutes on each side.


Top with your choice of sauce. I like to add humus, grilled onions or honey mustard.

These hut cakes are especially delicious in a lettuce wrap during salad season!