A few faves: 10/30-11/5

This week’s faves: Lazy Days

I had several days off this week, leaving plenty of time for sleeping in more than usual and for a bit of just plain relaxing. Aside from preparing for the big move (dental work, figuring out the phone situation, getting paperwork together, etc.), here’s a snapshot of my week.

#1: Handmade cards

Just a few cards I made

I haven’t scrapbooked in forever, so I decided to make some cards. Since I won’t be able to take my craft supplies to Chile, I decided to make a few cards to bring with me to send to friends when I’m there. I love the feeling of getting something in the mail the old fashioned way, and like to bring that excitement to others now and then. I hardly ever buy premade cards, and when I do it literally pains me, because I think handmade ones are just so much better. Here’s a shot of just a couple of my latest card designs … email me your address and you just might get one in the mail some day.

#2: My Slippers

P.S. I've had the pig sitting under Mr. Penguin since I was born. Weee!

It’s getting chilly here in Vegas. With tile floors throughout most of our living areas, my cozy slippers are a must.

#3: Smart phones

CrackBerry with my baby on the wallpaper, of course.

In calling Verizon to find out the best option for canceling my phone service without losing my phone number, it finally dawned on me that I’ll be saying goodbye to my BlackBerry soon. I am seriously addicted to my CrackBerry. Hey, the first step is admitting it, right?

Like many of you, I am uber-connected to my contacts and the news of the world via text messaging and email, Twitter, Facebook and endless mobile websites … and I like it that way. I suppose living the good life abroad will make letting go of all that a little easier. I am planning on getting a little cheap phone for local calls once I’m there … but, I had the realization that my phone is so much more than communication. My Google calendar will no longer sync to my phone, meaning I’ll have to go back to using a paper planner (gasp!). What’s worse? My digital notes and to-do lists will disappear too, along with the automatic pop-up reminders for my appointments. I won’t have a GPS (this is a MAJOR problem) or Google Chat or that cool app that tells me the name of songs I like on the radio. Remind me how we existed before smart phones?