A few faves: 10/23-10/29

This week’s faves: Guilty Pleasures

#1: Cuddle time


Clyde and I lacked some very essential cuddle time last week, but we’ve made up for it now. Here’s an adorable shot of my little bug hiding in the crevice of my arm while we snuggled this week. Sometimes he’ll even fall asleep in my arms. But when he wakes up from a snooze, he perks right up and is ready to play tag or something around the house. He even gives kisses.

You probably think I’m nuts, but he really does those things. I think it’s because he has “human smarts” which is what a pet psychic told me once. I realize that last statement probably did not make you think I’m less nuts. Haa. So now to clear that up, read this story I wrote awhile back.


#2: Jenna Marbles

Guilty pleasure alert.

I can watch Jenna Marbles videos for hours. In fact, that’s exactly what I did after work practically every day this week. No shame! I am now officially caught up through the archives.

For those of you who have been a passenger in my car, you know why the one above is what I picked to share. Haha.

#3: My glasses


My new glasses came in this week, and I’m diggin’ ‘em so far. I usually wear my contacts but thought I might actually wear my glasses if they have an updated prescription (my old ones are hardly useful because my eyesight has declined so much in the past two years..so sad!).

You can’t tell here, but the frames are deep purple, which I love. On the side, there’s a little rhinestone heart, which I think is a fun, girly touch. They also have transition lenses, so I can see in the sun too!

So, what’s the verdict … Do I look like a teacher?