Video: Student Leadership Trek

Take a look at my big project of the year! Shout out to my co-organizers Meghan Scripture and Elizabeth Watts who made planning this Let Girls Learn trek a blast.

Student Leadership Trek targeted Grade 10 students throughout The Gambia with the aim of empowering and building the capacities of young people to be role models at their schools and in their communities. The trek traveled to six schools and taught a curriculum aimed at teaching boys and girls the importance of working as equal partners to build educated, economically-sustainable communities. Peace Corps volunteers worked with Gambian teachers to lead the daylong camp, which featured fun, creative activities that allowed the students to express themselves in ways they are not usually able to. The program reached girls at a crucial time when many are choosing whether to stay in school or leave for marriage or other reasons. The students came from varying ethnic backgrounds, but all face similar challenges at this stage in their development.

(Video editing by Daniel Tanner and Jessica Fryman)