How To: A Gambian Pedicure

I desperately needed a pedicure. I mean desperately! I should have taken a “before” picture, but it truly was too embarrassing. My feet have taken a beating since coming to The Gambia because I am always in sandals, or worse, barefoot. Now that the dry season has come, the calluses on my heels hit an all new-level of gross.

But, silly me, didn’t bring a pumice stone! So, Gambian pedicures it was for one girl weekend in my friend Mish’s village.

First, soak your feet in water.

010315_Bumari_Gambian Pedicures (1)

Step One: Soak your feet. (Photos by Michelle Grek)

Second, rub your heels on the cement…yes, the cement outside your house. Use a rough, uneven stone for hard-to-reach angles. Who needs a pumice stone when you have a regular stone? Seriously though, it did wonders for my feet!

010315_Bumari_Gambian Pedicures (2)

Step Two: Rub your heel on the cement.

010315_Bumari_Gambian Pedicures (5)

Use a rough stone for tricky angles

Then, continue your pedicure as usual using clippers and polish if desired. I, personally, don’t bother with the polish because it is too difficult to maintain here.

While it’s nice to try and feel a little pretty, I guess you can say I’ve given up a bit on “fancy” in The Gambia.

010315_Bumari_Gambian Pedicures (7)

Mish and I on our girls’ day at her site