Fashion Forward: Tobaski Edition

In The Gambia, everyone gets new clothes and shoes to wear to the prayer grounds and out to greet neighbors on Tobaski. The kids get so dressed up they are practically unrecognizable in their fancy clothes and gaudy make up. And to be honest, although it’s not the intent, some do actually look scary.

Instead of parading around for candy, though, they ask for “salibo,” any small amount of money neighbors are willing to give. The kids usually come home with no more than a dollar, but it is more money than they ever have and so they think it’s the greatest day on Earth. Most of them probably buy candy with it, so the whole affair really is the Gambian version of trick-or-treating.

100414_Tobaski_ (10)

Walking to the prayer grounds

100414_Tobaski_ (5)

Now that is swagger

100414_Tobaski_ (104)

My host brother, Ebrima, holding our friend’s daughter

100414_Tobaski_ (112)

My sisters and their friends

100414_Tobaski_ (110)

My 4-year-old sister, Auntie

100414_Tobaski_ (109)

“Miss Camara, Miss Camara! Snap my picture!” Kids from my school

100414_Tobaski_ (103)

Neighborhood kids

100414_Tobaski_ (3)

Me in my Tobaski dress