A few faves: 10/2-10/8

This week’s faves: All things Autumn.

#1: The rain

I snagged this week's storm photo from my good friend Richard Brian, richardbrian.com. He took it outside his totally-awesome photo studio, sutteraddicts.com, that you should definitely check out.

Fall momentarily struck Las Vegas this week, and I loved it. The thunderstorms brought the temperatures down to a more than bearable degree for the first time since triple digits hit in mid-June.

My whole family left our windows open, I broke out my super-cute jackets, I felt like dancing in the rain. I’m sure you get the point … it was great … so I won’t continue to bore you with my Vegas native love for a little precipitation.

Apparently, fall isn’t here to stay, though, as mid 90s will be in town all next week.

#2: My umbrella

My nifty umbrella / Photo by Jessica Fryman

Not only is my umbrella super cute, but it’s compact and fits in my purse. As much as I love the rain … I don’t like being drenched, so I was happy to have it along.

I picked this up last year during the summer showers when I lived in Wisconsin. I didn’t think it’d be of much use back in the desert, but it surely has been this week. I love watching the surprised look on other Nevadans’ faces when I pull an umbrella from my purse before stepping into the downpour.

#3: Halloween Oreos

Yummy! / Photo by Jessica Fryman

I ran into the store on a quick errand to pick up hay for my ever-so cute bunny Clyde. But the Halloween Oreos were out on practically every end aisle I passed. I resisted the first few stacks, but then one box was literally calling my name. OK, maybe not really. But the point is: I bought ‘em, full well knowing I’d eat way too many. Good thing this is not a regular habit!

I will sheepishly admit I ate probably half a dozen in my first sitting. Luckily, my brother stepped in to help polish off the box throughout the following days.

I loathe Halloween, but this is one part of the holiday I can stand behind. These Oreos were delish.