Ramadan In Photos

If we are being honest, the best part about Ramadan is the food. It is said that many families will spend more money on food during the month of Ramadan than they do in an entire year. People fast all day then break their fast with tea and a special meal, such as beans, spaghetti or salad topped with fried fish or even chicken. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is expensive, typically served with bread and is always delicious. Everybody will eat a little bit of this delectable dish and then eat “dinner” again a few hours later. Dinner is typically a regular Gambian meal, some type of sauce on rice. I, personally, don’t like to eat so late at night and was never hungry again after the first meal anyway. So, I didn’t eat rice for an ENTIRE month. A whole month! If that’s not a special month, I don’t know what is. Here’s a look at my Ramadan in photos.

ramadan food