A Letter from Leo

Hi friends,

It’s me, Leo. Woof woof!

A lot has changed since I last wrote. The most exciting news is that I finally made friends with a tiny human! Remember how I told you they all run away when they see me?

Well, one silly little girl named Auntie in my compound had been especially stubborn. Every time she saw me she would yell “ah cha,” which can mean anything from “get started” to “go away.” I think she meant the latter when she was talking to me. Anyway, basically from the time we met, she would yell “ah cha” at me and wave a big stick and laugh. She never hit me with it; she was just trying to be bossy. I think she was jealous that Mommy adopted me because I know that before I came into the family Auntie was Mommy’s favorite (obviously now that I’m around, that’s changed … hence the tension).

With Mommy’s help though, Auntie finally started being a little nicer to me. Instead of shooing me to go away, she would call my name then run away when I came up to her, which is basically what all the tiny humans do so it wasn’t a big deal. But then, suddenly, she started to prance around the compound on all fours pretending like she was me (I told you she was jealous).

Then, one day, she told me we could be friends! Mostly, we like to lay under the mango tree and stick out our tongues. She even rubs my belly like Mommy does too. I’m happy that we are finally at peace.

Other than that, I’m just hangin’ out because these days are my days. I don’t really know why but Mommy says the dog days of summer are here. A whole season just for me! Yipee!


leo and auntie