My Host Country Hero: Habbie

Habbie introduced herself to me on the first day of school when she came to register her younger sister. She saw I was new in the village and said she wanted to be friends. She told me she would come to my compound to chat, but I never expected that she would actually show up. Before the end of the week, she was on my doorstep inviting me to hang out. We became fast friends.

Despite the challenges she has faced in life, I have never seen her without a smile. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders in the work I do although she does not work at the school. She has a genuine desire to see her community and country grow and she helps in many ways. She recently made the brave decision to start sharing her story at Peace Corps leadership camps so she can encourage girls to “never give up.”

Habbie is my host country hero.


This video was submitted for consideration in the 2015 Peace Corps Week Video Contest, ‘Host Country Heroes.’ This contest encourages currently serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers to help Americans better understand the people in their host countries through engaging videos.

This video does not reflect the official views of the Peace Corps or U.S. Government.