A Letter from Leo

Dear friends,

My name is Leo. Woof woof! I didn’t like the last post my mommy wrote about me, so she said I could write my own.

It is true that when I was a little pup I was scared to venture out into the village on my own. But now, I’m all grown up! In fact, I’ve learned that it was silly to be so scared because in reality, everyone is actually scared of me. I just want to play, but for some reason every tiny human I sniff instantly runs away crying. I think they act like that because I am the king. I am a special dog and everyone knows my name because my mommy is a toubab. Since the tiny humans only want to yell my name but don’t want to play, I finally met some other dogs who also like to roughhouse.

Every morning at 6 a.m. sharp, I pound on Mommy’s back door until she finally takes me running. We run all the way to the next village and all the tiny humans there know who we are too. On the way back, I sneak off into the bush and find my friends. Then Mommy runs home without me and I play all morning with my canine crew. When I get hungry, I run back to my house and there is rice waiting for me. I sleep all afternoon because it is so hot. I usually stretch out on the doorstep and snooze. But when Mommy comes home from work and sleeps in the hammock, I always lay in the shade underneath her and we take our nap together. I love my mommy!

I’m so big that I even know how to open the door by myself now. Mommy keeps telling me that this is a “problem” but I don’t see what she means. I’m so smart I figured out the perfect strategy. She can’t lock the door when she is out in the backyard, so anytime mommy is out in my house (washing clothes or dishes, taking a bath or using the toilet), I let myself into her house. What is the “problem” with that? Plus, even though she bought me my own toys, she has way more fun stuff inside her house and I love to chew on everything I find: papers, headphones and this one thing my mommy called a Kindle. Mommy seemed really mad when I found that toy.

When the sun goes down, Mommy lets me out to play again. I like to chase chickens and stare down kittens. I roam the village for hours until I get sleepy. Then I run home, eat my rice with fish heads and go to bed. I used to have a nice bed that Mommy made me but I chewed that up too. Hey, I can’t help it … I am a growing boy!

My mommy says I’m lucky that I’m cute.



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