The adventure begins…

I first thought about joining the Peace Corps four years ago. I started the application, but then decided I wasn’t ready for the developing world, and moved to Chile instead.

I finally re-started my application and sent it 14 months ago, then was invited in December after eight months of follow ups. I spent another three months finishing my stay in Chile before enduring two months of doctors’ appointments Stateside. Then it was one more month of waiting, preparing and packing. Now, the day I’ve been waiting for is finally here.

I am in Philadelphia, where I am meeting the other volunteers for staging, a brief orientation. We fly out of New York City on Thursday and arrive in The Gambia on Friday evening. I will live in the “training village” for 10 weeks while I learn the local language, religion, culture and how to do my job as a primary teacher trainer. Considering all goes well, I’ll move to my permanent site and start my work in September.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect, other than the experience of a lifetime. I likely won’t have regular access to electricity; but don’t worry, I plan to update my blog with many stories each month. I will set them on a timer, so that you see fresh content every week and never miss a beat! Thanks for your continued love and support. Feel free to leave a comment here or better yet, send me a letter.